Why is law enforcement an important essay to building a conscientious society?

A society cannot function without certain laws and postulates of development. One of the basic institutions which determine the development of society is the legal system. Its fundamentals ensure the stability of the development of society, the observance of the generally accepted rules by its members. Our essay writing service will help to understand why the study of the basics of law and law enforcement, in general, is so important for the development of modern society.

What is law enforcement activity?

Since its inception, society has needed to protect its members and the foundations of its further development. For this purpose, a whole system of bodies was created, the main purpose of which is to protect its interests in general and each member in particular. It is quite difficult to overestimate the importance of law enforcement for modern society, as its purpose is realized in several aspects:

  1. To protect the interests of society as a whole. For a community to function normally and be able to protect itself from external influences, it is necessary to have a whole system of bodies for the protection of its interests. The purpose of law enforcement agencies is primarily to protect their interests in the event of external influence.
  2. To ensure the stability of its functioning. For society to develop normally according to the previously adopted laws and postulates, it is necessary to ensure its stable operation. Law enforcement is able to provide to some extent such stability, as it is aimed at protecting it from external and internal influences.
  3. Determination of the directions of its development. Law enforcement, strange as it may sound, is also able to determine the direction of the development of the community. If it is developing in an unstable way, it is necessary to find ways to ensure its normal functioning, the consequence of which will be the further development of its basic institutions. If the community is functioning more or less steadily, law enforcement helps to monitor its work and timely shift attention to more important tasks.

Thus, law enforcement is necessary not only to ensure the protection of society from the influence of destructive elements but also to determine the ways of its further development.

Why does everyone need to learn the basics of law enforcement?

Law enforcement is not only a set of government agencies that enforce laws and punish offenders. It also includes a system of steps for the formation of legal awareness of each member of society, due to which the number of violations should be significantly reduced. In order to do this, it is necessary to:

Conduct various activities to familiarize every member of society with the basics of the legal system;

To create an effective system of penalties, which is necessary more for preventive activity – everyone should remember what threatens any member of society in case of violation of laws by him;

To develop law enforcement in such a way that their effectiveness is ensured not by a large number of employees of the system, but by the quality of their work and compliance with the laws on a personal level.

Law enforcement is necessary to ensure the stability of the development of society. Despite the fact that recently there has been more and more criticism about its work, this only shows that it should develop more dynamically according to the pace of development of society itself, rather than stick to the traditional ways of its development.