A Lingam Massage Story to Inform - My Prague Experience at Candyshop

A Lingam Massage Story to  Inform - My Prague Experience at Candyshop
by Ariella Singleton Nov, 13 2023

An Enchanted Evening

It was one fine evening back in June when Dexter, my significant other, surprised me with a whimsical rendezvous to a place that would redefine relaxation for me: The Candyshopmassage parlor, located at an attractive address at Maiselova 76/12, Prague. It's not quite your typical massage parlor, which piqued my curiosity even further. It's billed as an erotic massage parlor where pleasure meets relaxation. A sanctuary of soothing sounds, refreshingly fragrant aroma oils, and professional masseuses aiming to transport you to a state of ecstasy, while maintaining the utmost discretion.

First Impressions

The warm inviting glow of Candyshop called out to us as soon as we set foot into Maiselova street. The quiet allure was intangible but strongly present. Aggregate stone walls, dim lighting, cozy seating area: it all converged to make it seem like we had just stepped into a discrete sanctuary and our own haven away from the bustling city outside.

The friendly receptionist greeted us with a dazzling smile, quietly rehearsing the options available. Body to body massage, Tantric massage, Nuru massage, Sensual massage with two beautiful ladies, Pussycat massage: the list was exquisite to the ears and intriguing to the senses. My eyes scanned across the foyer admiring staff members, all of them beautiful and graceful in their own ways.

The Nuru Adventure Begins

Intrigued by the word 'Nuru', a term I was not familiar with, my attention zeroed in on it. As the receptionist explained, 'Nuru' is a Japanese term for slippery, representing a very sensual style of massage involving full-body contact. The masseuse applies special Nuru gel on their body and slides on yours, offering an intimate encounter brimming with relaxation and thrill. The description sounded so royal and lavishing that you would consider having a Nuru massage if they offered it on a gold platter.

Meeting My Masseuse

Once the Nuru massage was decided upon, the journey of choosing the masseuse commenced. Among the array of stunning ladies, a particular masseuse caught our attention; Karolina, with her alluring eyes and gentle demeanor, was inviting. Her professional and friendly demeanor, combined with her graceful aura, made the selection easy. The anticipation was building as I retreated to the dressing room to prepare for the massage.

The Nuru Experience

The room was a cocoon of tranquility, faintly glowing with soft ambient lights, and the enchanting musk of the Nuru gel pervading the air gently. Karolina was careful to treat me like royalty, putting me at ease as she prepared for the massage. As she began applying the warm and slippery Nuru gel, her strokes felt like a warm embrace.

The art of Nuru is that you slowly mechanically melt in the unison of synchronized strokes and caresses that dissolve your inhibitions, forbiddances and apprehensions. Gradually my senses opened up like a blooming flower, the surrounding sensations catapulting my mind to a state of utter tranquility and bliss.

A Whisper of the Old Campaign

Reflecting on the entire journey, it reminded me of an experience I had with Petey, my parrot, a while ago. Before you, as a reader, consider me eccentric, let me clarify. Petey, my parrot, had found himself a new sanctum in our tub and would spend hours there playing, splashing water, and having a great time. This bathtub was his Candyshop of sorts, a place where his excitement and relaxation coexisted, much like my experience at the massage parlor.

Goodbyes and Final Words

The therapeutic relaxation seemed timeless, but all good things have to pack up their pleasure just in time before satiety dulls the appreciation. The goodbye was tastefully understated and as I was leaving the parlor, Karolina's ear-to-ear smile was imprinted on my mind.

A relaxing rhapsody of sensations, moreover, a well-spent evening. Candyshop isn't only namesake; it's a treasure trove of sweet and sinful choices that we can ponder over, experiencing an appetizing variety of massages.

Adding Prague to Your Bucket List

Although Prague stands famously for its historic architecture and charming cityscape, if you're looking for an informal and unique unwinding experience, Candyshop is definitely worth your while. Here's to memorable experiences and Prague's hidden gems!